As directors of Nash Brothers Electrical ltd we approach each new client with the specific intent of creating trust. By consistently performing in a manner that distinguishes us from our competition, we demonstrate our planning expertise, provide the service we promise, and prove that our client is the most important member of the team.



Nash Brothers Electrical ltd. exceptional capabilities in preconstruction services improve project performance. Regular, on-going analysis of project costs and schedules ensure we make real-time recommendations and guarantee we meet schedule and cost commitments. In short, we manage our business just as carefully as we manage our clients' projects.


Our capabilities extend far beyond those of the traditional electrical contractor. We define quality as the continuous improvement of everything we do. Educating our staff, suppliers, other contractors, and even our customers, allows us to maintain the high level of excellence that is Nash Brothers Electrical Ltd.


Reputations are developed over long periods of time, reflecting how a company responds and performs and how a job is completed.

Nash Brothers Electrical Ltd. has worked hard building a reputation of management integrity. Innovative engineering techniques, exemplary job site performance, and playing a vital role as a member of the construction team are just a few of the qualities that make us unique.